A319neo Prototype Spotted at Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW)

Another Shot from my Recent Spotting Trip to Hamburg Finkenwerder! The Super Rare A319-171n(WL) D-AVWA, the A319 Prototype Testbed!! Sorry about the Quality


Emirates A380 Engine No. 4 blocking the cockpit.


Imagine if there’s this “Didn’t I say you were grounded?” scene in the full photo 😂


Oh Gawd XD

Il going there in the next 2 months! Hopefully I can see it too!


You may see a Beluga or another Prototype but it’s very unlikely to see the Neo. I’ve been contacting Spotters @ XFW recently and the A319neo has been hidden for over 2 months now. Apparently, due to the embarrassing problems in testing of the PW1000G, Airbus are hiding it in a hangar somewhere. And anyway, to get this shot I had to use 260mm Zoom. I didn’t even realise it was the Neo until I zoomed in on it

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