A319 Turn Speed is Inaccurate

So I was showing this game to a pilot and according to him the A319 turns faster than 2 degrees per second it’s more like 3 degrees per second (on auto pilot).
Not sure if this is a bug specifically but more inaccurate in terms of realism. He likes the game I may have convinced him to join!


The speed of the plane also factors in, a slow speed makes it turn tighter, while a high speed makes it turn wider.


The turning speed is affected by weight, wind conditions, throttle usage, airspeed and how hard you actually tilt your device.

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He’s taking about on auto pilot so tilting isn’t a factor in this case


It really does depend on altitude as well, at higher altitudes & speeds the rate of turn is limited via the FMC or bank angle selector, whereas at lower speeds and altitudes a 25-30 bank angle with resulting increased turn rate is normal.

There is no one set turn rate on an A319, or indeed most large airliners.

Right but the point stands at 3000 feet it should turn at 3 degrees per second

What about speed?

You still aren’t bringing anything new to to table it turns tighter (for 2 degrees per second) it turns wider (for 2 degrees per second)

I don’t understand, if it’s a 2 degree per second turn then there is no wider or tighter version of that - it’s 2 degrees per second.

In any case as @HairlineAirlines mentioned as well, speed is very relevant so as well as at 3000ft what speed are you defining your 3 degrees per second reference?

If you don’t understand aircraft physics don’t respond please. It shouldn’t be 2 degrees per second that’s why I made this topic. I don’t appreciate the attempts to shut down my conversation by people who don’t know what they are talking about.
This doesn’t actually need people to respond and discuss about it it’s a bug or a incorrect data set.

I think that’s a very unfortunate response. This is a friendly forum where we can discuss things. I am not sure who you think is trying to shut you down. We should all be willing to learn and further ourselves based on what others say, and to not do so shows quite an arrogant attitude unfortunately. No one person has all the answers.

I’m not saying I have the answers, but I’m not stupid 3 degrees per second is 3 degrees per second whether your song it at 200 knots or 300 knots

In my opinion the time element is superflous. What I think you are asking is what is the correct banking angle for autopilot. Time brings in speed to the equation. Respectfully

Speed is superfluous because the speed adjusts the angle of bank to 2 degrees per second. It should adjust to 3 degrees per second