A319 trim help pls

Whats the trim I need to use during landing?

I’m in an a319 and the airport has a normal 3 degrees approach angle, idk if it matters.



In real life, the trim is automatically done by the aircraft - which isn’t the case in IF.

Therefore, you may use whatever amount suits you best, there isn’t a set number. Just play around in solo mode for a bit and you should find a suitable amount.

I use around 12% on landing and 30% on takeoff, which I change sometimes depending on my weight.

Hope this helps!

thank you so much

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I usually take-off at +20, then lower gradually to 0 at 250knt, then -15 to -20 at cruise speed, then back the other way round when slowing down, then about + 20 for landing. It works fine for me like this. I have done many flights like this with the A319 (my favorite aircraft!).

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