A319 Reverse Thrusters stuck on

After trying out the reverse thrusters, they got stuck at 100% and stayed there themselves. My speed reduced to 0 and then I began reversing to 120 knots (backwards!!) until I crashed. Pretty cool though.

iPhone 6
IOS 9.1


IIRC doesn’t this happen when you replay or pause the game while deploying reverse thrust? Couple of glitches pop up when you pause the game, including reverse thrust.

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Oh yes I may have paused the game. This was on solo mode


  • Use reverse thrust (speed>35 knots)
  • Pause the app while the reverse is running
  • Resume
  • Reverse is still running and plane can go backwards.

Device - iPad mini 1 | Build -

Got the same Problem at B777-300er ( today the first time without the Pause trick)

I was landing at Heathrow and watching the replay, then as soon as I touched down the reverses opened and I lose speed instantly and went backwards at 180 knots