A319 or A318 (post why)

  • A318
  • A319

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A319 because it has more liveries and has the range to do transatlantic flights when global comes out.


I think the A318 has a better range

A318 has 3100 nm of range and A319 has 3700. Both can be had with extra fuel tanks however.

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I like the A318 simply because it has the ACJ liveries.


Dash 8 Q400

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have it already

can you add fuel tanks in real life and also in infinite flight

Extra fuel tanks are an option in real life. The corporate versions have more range than standard versions. ACJ A318 has 4000 nm while ACJ A319 has 6500 nm.

a318 because I can fly it into London city.


Why can’t you do it with the A319?

A319, because it is bigger, and it looks better.

And it has the most range in the A320 family.

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A318, because it’s the odd plane out, it’s stubby and cute.


I would personally choose Dash as it’s a character of a plane, nice to fly and also look the part having them.big props!!

That wasn’t what the topic was asking. I suggest removing that reply.

Back on topic. I like the A318 better than the A319 simply because the A319 only has one livery I like (Delta) whereas the 318 has lots of liveries I favor.


Lol this forum gets so gets so serious at little things, i was suggesting that he buys the Dash 8, not off topic at all

If you have the a320 I would get the 18. If not I would get the 19

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If they were considering the dash 8 then he would have put it in his initial post. So yes, your post has nothing to do with this topic and is technically “off topic”.

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technically your post is off topic as well but whatever.

Buy the Babybus because it’s cute @unitedfc