A319 or 777-300ER

Which one should I buy?

  • A319
  • 777-300ER

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Why a poll? Put on your big boy pants and decide for yourself!

Which one would YOU prefer? Do you like short routes? Would you prefer to do long haul routes when global comes out? Are you an Airbus or Boeing fan? Which airports will you fly out of? Which regions have you paid for? Which airlines are your favourite?


Poll does not work

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Let me help you with the poll

  • Airbus A319
  • Boeing 777-300ER

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Get the B777 amazing plane on IF and it’s one of the most popular wide bodies


grab your backpack and prepare for global. meaning get the 777

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Thank you. I don’t know what happened lol


This topic is messed up. Who would compare a small Airbus to one of Boeing biggest planes.

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If you already have the a320 I would recommend the 777

Honestly if you have a 777 get the 320 or 319 depending on the liveries you want… Or if you have something in the 320 family get the 777. But overall when global comes out you may want the 777, but if you want to do more regional routes get something in the 320 family.

Me, who makes a car their picture in a plane website?

Do you have the 787s already? If so then I’d say you’re good on long-haul planes and should get the A319 because the 777 lacks an HD cockpit with night lighting and looks weird without wingflex.

I rather not answer that.

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