A319 NEO vs CS300

What plane would you prefer to fly on?

  • A319 NEO
  • CS300

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A319 Neo… haven’t even heard of the other one.

CS300, as i prefer an aircraft equipped with engines. :D


hahaha, didn’t even notice it had no engines, i just glanced over xD


Why would you compare my two best airplane manufacturers ( Airbus and Bombardier). Well I wish I could vote for both and if I can’t I’m not voting then.

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A139 NEO = No Engine Option. (Get it? :)


I have flown on the A319 many times , i think it would be great to try the CS300 !

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I admire Bombardier’s try to compete with the “big boys”, and I think they should keep trying. We need more variety on the aviation industry


I can’t believe people would choose a plane with no engines over a plane with engines.


Bombardier should just stick to manufacturing trains, they are doing a great job at it.

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Why is the A319neo in the lead, you have no idea what it’s like, it hasn’t even flown yet.

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The CS300 has engines 😏

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Both are great aircraft. I can’t really choose between them.

the first time i have seen a poll with over 100 votes on 50/50 % ratio

This made my day haha

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No wonder it says “Unbeatable fuel efficiency” on the A319neo. You can’t really burn fuel without any engines can you.

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