A319 Landing

How do you land an A319-100, because I keep crashing my plane when I land.


Well, we can’t tell you how to land a plane by hand.

I recommend checking out tutorials on the internet that help you:

Keep practicing and you will butter the bread soon!


The #tutorials section of the forums is the greatest place to go for such issues.


Did @Swiss just do somthing seriously???


one thing os you cant put your flap at full because you’ll go up instead of down and you have to bring your speed at 0 or at a really low speed and once you touch down like fully on the ground full flaps and then your on the ground…that’s generally why i hate the airbuses they are the worst at landing


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I see you are looking for help with the A319. To find what you are looking for, #tutorials is a really good place to look for landing/takeoff tutorials!


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For us to help you we need to know what speed and config you are trying to land with.


You must with this aircraft watch for the ground effect because it is more so on this aircraft than others I have found. If you flare too early you might over correct and slam it down. Do your flare at 15 feet and reduce power at 10 feet and just bring it in.

landing a A319 is the most easiest thing


I don’t know why anyone is giving tips. It’s pointless if he is thinking he should land at 180 knots with the flaps 2 setting. Wait for the user to reply and assist accordingly.

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@Coeptus. MaxSez: Welcome Aboard. Did you read the Web Store App IF Review? IF is a simulator and not a game. What did you expect!, apparently another toy. Good advise proceeds this comment, consider them, seperate the wheat from the chaff.
Strapping on an Airliner to start here is not realistic. I suggest you start with a C-172 on the “SOLOl Server first which provides a video of your performance at first or until you can make perfect take off and landing then go forth and conquer. The Forum Library with its Tutorials ect are required reading. Get a copy of the free Aviators Bible, “ FAA’s; Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge… repeat, it’s free, in PDF form on the Web at faa.gov.
Good Luck, Regards

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I couldn’t believe either, that was craaazzyy

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But eaven @Swiss could not help but link his video 😂 lol

MaxSez: As requested; Yr Landing on a scale of 10 high; I give you a “7”. The -3 was based on stability at 5 Miles based on the auto kick out/reaction time and speed on RW turnout, Good job you can fly my right seat anytime LOL.

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Flaps full,135-140 knots,flare at 20 feet…

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