A319 LAN Airlines preview image

Steps to reproduce:
1.open app and click aircraft
2.click A319 and scroll down to Lan
3. Click on Lan
4. Photo half loaded

Current iOS version (no beta)
Non updated version. (iOS)

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Check your internet connection and give it another try.

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As Laurens said, check your internet connection. Close the app fully and open it again.


Will do! Thank you gentlemen.

This happens to me on the a380!!! :)

Same thing happened to my 737 bbj

Happens to me with the 717, it must be kinda common

Happens to me on b747-400 air India and a321 Eva air

It happens if there are sudden connection problems or IF stops working. The only way to fix it is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

This happens on the Lufthansa a380 for me!!! :)

This is the solution.

Thank You Very Much!!! :)

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You´re welcome.