A319 fuel bug report

Hey everyone.

I was doing touch and goes at FAGG just now on expert and came across this bug

As you can clearly see that in the bottom bar on the screen it shows that I used no fuel yet I was in flight for 17min.
Fuel was set at 50% before take off and it was at 42% after engines were switched off.

Happy flying

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Not just A319, happens for everything, just wait till FDS fixes it up


I was just looking into this. I can’t reproduce it?

Maybe it’s from different versions of IF. Maybe Android have this bug and IOS not. Or only some devices.

No issues for me in the A319, tried on both solo, casual and training, using a Oneplus 5T.

Then I don’t know what it is.

The only way that I’m aware in how the fuel used reads 0 is when changing the fuel quantity in the W&B screen.

When you change the total fuel, the fuel used is reset to 0. You did not disclose if this was something you did or not. But if you did then that would explain why it says 0.

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Did you use either the “Light” , “Normal” or “Heavy” buttons when you set your fuel?
Or did you just load in and fly without adjusting fuel?

Thanks for the report! An issue have been filed towards the dev team and they’ll take a look at it.