A319 from KDEN to KSEA

A 2 and a half hour flight above the desert for DLVA

  • Expert Server
  • DL A319
  • 2:20 minutes flight time**

Departing KDEN rnwy 34R

Climbing to cruising altitude of FL380


Descending past Mt. Rainer

Passing over an Alaska A320

Buttering the bread

Holding short with a departing ANA 787

Parked with a fellow A319



What a coincidence I ran into you at KSEA! Not to mention I got a really nice shot with you in it for my IG! Hope you had a nice flight! Great pictures!


Absolutely fantastic photos! Nice job, Will.

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Nice pictures I saw you takeoff from Denver yesterday!!

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Nice man, I’d love to see more

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These are some great photos but @DEN_Airport, if you have a screenshot, you should put it in Community members spotted on live

I already did. No screenshots but mentioned him

Oh, ok. Other than that these photos are great

Holy moly! I think that ANA 787 was me.

Was going to Tokyo


Those are great! Thats one of my favorite routes also.

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You just attracted a lot of people 😂 lol

BTW that looks like it was going to be a nice landing ;)

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What was the Alaska airlines callsign? That may of been me. Also I landed at 7:30 ET

I have no idea 😂, I can find out later if you would like.

Eh it’s alright what time did you land eastern time please

Love the second photo!

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Amazing! Awesome scenery!