A319 error

Not sure if this is the right place to post but the easyJet A319 in IF is not correct. Due to the ultra high density configuration of their planes, a standard A319 does not have enough emergency exits for the number of pax. Hence, easyJet spec their A319s with 4 overwing exits (essentially the mid section of an A320). The IF model only has 2.

How’s that for pedantics?

This usually belongs in the #support topic rather than features or general. It’s also best to provide us with an image of the real world easyJet A319. Developers may update the skin in one of the following updates.

It’s just how it was developed in Infinite Flight. The devs will sometime fix the error and add four overwing exits.

I believe they use the same model and then apply the livery onto it for all their liveries. The work needed to add that extra door for a few liveries doesn’t seem worth it at all if it means making a whole new model.

We appreciate the sharp eye but this isn’t something we’ll make a change to. Our models are developed prior to being outfitted with liveries. Models typically aren’t developed with a specific livery in mind, especially to a spec as particular as this scenario.

Appreciate the understanding!