A319 Cross Country

I am going to fly a flight from KACY-KLAX on a Delta A319. I am wondering if the A319 is capable of flying across the country because I know that United does a route from PHL-SFO. Please let me know!


If you’re light I’d bet you could make it

Especially if United can reach with an A319 to San Fran from Philly

The A319 should be more than capable

If an A318 can cross the Atlantic, an A319 can definitely cross the country.

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A318 crosses the Atlantic with a modified version with a 3rd fuel tank ;)

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A319 can Coast-to-Coast no problem. You’ll be fine.

Yep, easily. The distance between LAX and ACY is about 2400 miles and the range of the A319 is over 4000 miles.

Thank you!

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It’s actually a really fun aircraft, the A319, it can land on runways at smaller, more fun airports and approach’s. Have a nice flight!

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I flew from Montreal to Zurich with an empty A319. You should be fine as said above.

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an A319 is way more than capable of going cross country, no questions asked.

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