A319 British Airways 'Golden Dove'

it wouldnt be an open topic if it were


Yes LBA is my local airport

Looks like a futureistic livery!

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I thought of adding this to the community, yet it’s already a masterpiece! I’ve seen this several times and am typing this very post at London Heathrow!

Yes, this is a bump, but it’s instead of creating a duplicate for it.

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sadly all of them have gone now, last one was repainted i think late last year or early this year.

agree, would be great if it was added :)

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I saw that aircraft approaching Shannon and I saw it through my binoculars. Although it’s a nice looking livery although I don’t like the colour the tail has.

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I get it’s a bit late but I’m voting fir this! Flew on it LGW-TRN

Defitneley voting for this. It’s a beauty