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Recently i’ve been flying the A319 a lot more, i used to only really fly the A320 from the Airbus family. I am aware that you have to be established on the glide slope at preferably 180kts and below when pressing APPR as well as selecting you ILS or GPS approach. In regards to this when i have done so with the A319 i have kept encountering a problem where the nose pitches down towards the ground and does not correct itself whereas i do not find this problem in any other planes in the Airbus family as well as all the other planes that have APPR mode. Is this a mistake i am making or does anyone else have this problem ?

Captain Dixon

Looks to be a known issue with the APPR, cruising and stalling. There are plenty of other Support Topics that contain the same issue. Let’s hope the staff may issue a fix as something probably went wrong before V.19.3 rolled out. (I think)


APPR was changed in 19.2, and now works similarly to how it works in an actual airliner. You no longer want to activate it once you are established, but once you are on an intercept course for the localiser (For example when approach ATC clears you for approach). Once you activate it, it now holds you on your selected heading and altitude until it captures the glideslope and localiser respectively, and then will change from an armed mode to engage, and fly you down the ILS.
More information is available here, courtesy of ATCEG.

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Thank you @Benjwri that helps a great deal

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk the annoying thing is i’m only getting the issue on the a319 and no other

I have fairly no idea really as I have never experienced something like this while flying in any of the A320 aircrafts.

As I slowed to 140 on final in A320 with APPR it started nodding. Speeding up to 150 fixed it. Hope this helps.

thank you @SteveSolo this could work out handy in the future, i increased the speed and nothing happened in my case so i have to disconnect AP. Cya around mate :)

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