A319 and Croatia Airlines Livery

A 319 and lufthansa, germanwings and croatia airlines liverys for a319

Are you requesting the a319 aircraft pr just requesting they put those liverys on.

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There is no need to make an actual feature request for the A319 now as it is being worked on. (At least the A320 is being worked on!)

Also, please search for similar topics before posting. If you have somethings to say regarding the A320 Update or possible liveries then join the discussion here:

@Blackbird71 I think he is requesting both, but you can ask him personally in that thread☝since the conversation is moving there!

Thanks for your contribution to the community!

I’m not going to nail you for not using the search option since…

There used to be 2 A320 threads: Livery tracking and livery requests. Requests was merged into tracking and I have not updated the title to reflect that.

I’ll change it now.

Feel free to drop your request in!

Long live the DC-9!