A319 -- Air Serbia livery



I don’t really get your intentions with this post. Please clarify :)

I want a new uptade, wich included the livery of Air Serbia ;)

moved to features and made the title better for you :)

Made the title a bit more terse (short and to the point)

The colors on this bird are great. Thumbs up.

Yes, definitely.

The basketballTeam are very popular on World Basket Champion

They should put this Livery on Infinite flight

I like this livery, colors are very beautiful

Yup this is a nice livery. Actually flown on the Air Serbia a319 a week ago 😄

I flown with my uncle on 330 to JFK

This livery looks great!

Vote for this livery please

Hey there!

It’s been two years since this topic last had any activity, maybe you should contact a mod, and request to make a new feature request for this livery.