A319/A318 Screenshots

Post your A319/A318 screenshots here!


Are they out??

Yes just now

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Yeah I don’t think it’s out yet

Android should be getting the update today! 😁

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I would like to know if they are free or not.
If someone knows the answer please let us know! :)

(Sorry for being off-topic, I didn’t want to create a new thread for this).

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I think one of the A320 Family will be free, most likely only the A321
Glad to see the A318 and A319 launching :)

I believe that this will be the pricing:

A320: 4.99
A319: Payed probably 4.99
A318: Free with 20 purchases

A321: Free!

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I’m ready to stare and wait as I’m an iOS user…

Going back to my original schedule where i look for the update every 5 minutes :-(


Correct, A318 is also 4.99$ unless 20 purchases

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I think a topic already exists for A320 family screenshots.

That’s for A320 only

This has to be the quickest update that Infinite Flight has ever undergone in such a short amount of time since the previous update.


We just got the A320 on Veteran’s day last Tuesday!!

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Ikr! Updates that are 2 weeks apart is really quite an accomplishment:)


yes!!!, post screenshots and make vids of it! and link your channels


I wish I had Infinite Flight on the Android. But it’s worth the wait to continue to use iOS for IF:)

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On Thanksgiving, we will be stuffing our faces with A320 and on Black Friday, the iOS users would be shopping for the A318/A319😂😂

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