A319/320 flight planner, speed, PNR and LSPD calculator

Hi everyone,

This link is for a little calculator I have made for A319/A320 aircrafts:

(Please check latest version below)

What it is:
A simple excel flight planner which calculates many usefull values for A319/A320 aicrafts.

How it works:
I made lots of calculations based on Airbus values, many aviation websites and IF solo/live test flights. Once the needed information is typed in the unlocked cells, locked cells display calculated values.

Prior to flying, simply input:

  • Your departure and destination airports and runways (type the OACI code, press enter, then reselect the cell and choose the rwy from the drop down list - more than 5000 airports included),
  • Your expected departure and arrival taxi time (FNF anyone?),
  • Your expected holding time and alternate destination flight time (busy airspace anyone?),
  • The number of PAX on board and your cargo weight (random values available),
  • Your departure and destination METAR values - temperature (CΒ°), wind direction and speed (kt), QNH (hpa),
  • and importantly, fpltoif expected flight time and distance (flight time determines the fuel needed for the trip).

It then gives you:

  • Your required fuel for planned trip,
  • V1,VR, V2 and VLo (lift-off speed aka initial climb speed),
  • TO and expected landing weight,
  • Head wind and cross wind components,
  • Reminders about limits (tail wind, cross wind, autoland crosswind, runway length, max. GS, MTOW, MLW, etc.),
  • Take-off power needed (EGR, %N1, β€œIF”), as FLEX,
  • Climb power needed (idem),
  • Density altitude of Departure and Destination airports (using QNH, altitude and temperature),
  • Corrected runway length for TO and landing (density altitude and head wind component, with limits),
  • Flaps retractation speed on take-off (conf 1+F to clean, conf 3 or 2 to conf 1+F),
  • Flaps extension speeds, vapp on approach,
  • Expected max. ground speed on take-off and, landing (with limits, based on density altitude and wind).
  • A rough estimate of your VMBE (which should be higher than V1, and nearly allways will be!).

It took quite a big chunk of my COVID time, but it helps me enjoy IF even more: having precise information helps gaining a better understanding of the aircraft and the way it flies in different conditions. I must say that building this little tool made me realize how accurate the A320 family models are in IF. I now know precisely what power setting I need, when to retract flaps, at what speed I should fly my initial climb (VLo), what my exact Vapp should be, if the runway is long enough, etc. and this makes me a better and happier virtual pilot.

All feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer and notes:

  • if you crash or get violations using this, I am deeply sorry!

  • The A318 and A321 are different animals, I simply could not add them here.

  • You may choose your engines, though it does not change anything. I found IAE and CFM engines in IF to have identical power. the A320 engines are more powerfull than those in the A319 though, just as in RL, be it IAE or CFM. An A320 requires thus less thrust than an A319 at equal weight.

  • Some airports altitudes are missing. You can add them in the dedicated thumbnail. Many more are missing only in one direction, which you can also add when needed.

  • I have not suffered any pb using the values given here, but never forget that YOU are the PF! You are in charge.

Thanks for reading.

Happy flying!



Very cool, thanks for sharing this with us!

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This is really cool!! I can’t seem to be able to change all the values though, is this on purpose?

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Only the black letters you input, orange are calculated, it is intended.

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I look forward to reading your feedback!

The idea is really cool!

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Thank you!

Ah, I See. Will definitely give it a try later today. Thanks for your efforts!

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You are welcome, thanks!

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This is so helpful πŸ‘πŸ˜Š @Tep_NEMO!!
Can you make us flight planner for all other aircrafts??

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Thank you, but sorry, no, it would take another pandemic!
I will do it for the ATR72, when it lands in IF though πŸ˜‰

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Amazing works. You really gone the extra mile πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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Thank you! I had too much free time πŸ˜‰

I just made my first calculations with it and it’s a really, really cool tool. Thanks once again!

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Thank you very much, makes my day!

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You may want to work with @dproctor on some of this to integrate it into his excellent site. He’s been at it for quite some time.



Thank you for reminding me about @dproctor 's app. It has become very nice indeed.
Reason I made my own thing is that I fly on my phone… πŸ˜‰ so I need to plan on my PC!
From a quick check, landing values match, take off a bit less, but it might be that I take wind on board here. Not saying my values are better though!

Great Link !!

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Thank you ! (Not sure though which link you are mentionning here πŸ˜‰)

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Very good!

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