A319/20/21 sharklets

I’m not complaining but I think the sharklets are a little off and don’t look like the real ones in the game it’s not a real issue just for cosmetic reasons

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Just my opinion but I think they look spot on.


Want to provide some visual evidence maybe?

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Take a closer look but I don’t think they are so accurate it’s fine I’m not complaining it’s a great game

Sure I’ll try in kinda new to this blog thing

How do I post a pic

You press the upload icon while writing your context.

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The real pic looks a little more skinny


Probably because you are seeing it from inside the aircraft.

Even outside but it’s fine

The main problem is that the Wing camera is too low in IF (for the A320s)


I think the IF photo has a strange FOV, that’s why

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Agreed but for now it’ll do

They look ok but are also kind of over sized.

The IF picture is just way more zoomed in in contrast to the real pic.

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Welcome to the forum!! (This great place has kinda stolen my life😜)

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Thanks it’s great having this game

@jetblue3000. MaxSez; Welcome but please check Archive before posting. This topic is redundant.