A318 Winglets

(I have absolutely no idea if this is in the right category or not, feel free to change it.) So when I look at the A318 ACJ Livery 5, on the selection screen it has these winglets: I’m not sure what they’re exactly called.

When I’m in a flight and look to the exterior view, it has these winglets: Again, I’m not sure what they’re exactly called.
I don’t know if anyone else is aware of this or if anyone cares at all but I just thought it would be something to point out. On all of the other ACJ Liveries, they all have the winglets like the ones in the second photo. This is not a big deal and I don’t really care about it that much but again, I just thought it was something to point out.

You mean A318 ?

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Wait hold on i accidentally put a319 instead of a318

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Yeah ill change it

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Huh I’ve never noticed that before. They’ll probably fix it.

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yeah this is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update of some sort when the devs get round to it.


Sharklets are for Airbus,
Winglets are for Boeing.😄


Thanks, I always get confused on what is what


I bet Misha knows 😏

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