A318 wing flex on IG?

Hi all, as you may have seen recently, about nine hours ago, Laura posted a quick video on her Instagram story of her flying the A318 in the IF 2015 livery.

Now, it may look normal to most of you folks out there. But one think I definitely noticed was the apparent slight curvature of the wing. Most obvious at the end. Has Laura been testing wing flex on the a318? I pulled the image and added some straight edges to prove the flexing:

It is clear that a slight curvature is visable, making it quite apparent that wing flex is in the testings on the A320 family of aircraft. Finally, I pulled a screenshot from my game to act as comparison, and you can see the difference in the wing curvature, and perhaps the angle of the winglet:

I may be wrong about this, but it seems pretty clear that there is a difference between the two.


I think that when @jarno80, who isn’t just staff at FDS but according to his profile “** 3D Graphics Artist at FDS ** Creator of Infinite Flight Aircraft 3D models, Liveries and Textures. As well as modeling the 3D aircraft cockpits.” Which I would he assume creates winglex on the models he designs. I think this is likely true.


May be an additional feature they release in future updates alongside what was announced at the Expo. Jarno has been very busy it appears with the stream of new liveries coming out even without updates so it may be true but it will not be certain unless announced by FDS.

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I hope this is true. Add wingflex on the Airbus 318, 319, and 320 family and hopefully the Boeing 737 family!


One can only hope! 🤞 Wingflex looks so snazzy during takeoff and I want more of it!


Lets wait and see. I would be against it. The A320 family is one of the most often used aircraft in IF.

Damn that’s a cool wing isn’t it


If you look on the new A320 livery’s when you choose it you can see the wing slightly flexing up.

Optical illusion caused by the earths curvature in harmony with the 4th dimension.


All I can say about this phenomenon:

There iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-


I’m just glad it’s not a photo of the A350… 😁


I thought you like raccoons though? I must have been mistaken…

Is that wInGfLeX? MaKe FrEe pLeAse



Wing flex will not change the price of the Aircraft (Mainly because there isn’t a way to separately buy them, according to Philippe:

Emm it was a joke…


Personaly wing glex is one of thise things whare when the 787 cane out it was awsome, but niw I hardly nitace it. Mostly just in turbulance you can be like “welp how we got som puke bags!”

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But it’ll still be good for the people who are unaware of it ;)

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This goes into the top ten plot twists in history. The A318 getting Wingflex. never saw it coming. I knew at some point they’ll do it to A320 Family.

The new a320 previews look like they have wingflex in the render so maybe it’s in development.

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I don’t know much about coding or game making, but I’m sure they take a similar code and apply it to all A320 family members, so if we’re getting it on the A318, then we’ll probably get it on the rest of the family. Just my thoughts, but who knows! FDS likes mysteries :)