A318 Thrust Reverser issue

Hi,first of all this is my first topic in the community so if i made mistakes please tell me…
So a couple of days ago i’m doing some touch n go’s at quito airport when my reverser stuck even though my gs and ias were 0

  • Try tapping the SPD button and set the speed to a positive (example: 200 knots), see what happens

  • Try speeding up using the throttle (this may be your problem but see if it works)

I’m trying to recreate it in solo but it didn’t happen,went back to normal…

Just got a question, did it get stuck without you touching anything else (map, camera views)?

Did you (accidentally) paused Infinite flight while holding the reverse thrust? It sometimes stays stuck when this happens, this is also the case with the rudder.

Just tap on the throttle and it should be back to normal.

This is usually caused by switching to the map view, lights/engines, and pausing the game while the reverse thrust is active.

To fix this, try touching the throttle, if that doesn’t work, turn up your throttle to 20 percent, and if that doesn’t work, restart the game.

Thanks! - B3ASTMOD3X

Hello & welcome!

Glitches like this can occur and are usually pretty harmless. Usually they are caused by tapping at multiple things at once, which can make parts of the interface to freeze.

If there’s no steps to reproduce the issue, a topic is very rarely needed as it won’t help anyone to troubleshoot it without the previously mentioned steps.

Thank you!