A318 Sunrise/sunset picture

I have to fly on training so I decided to take a few pictures of a short fly from KJFK-KCLT it was about an hour and a half flight flown a few hours ago, I took this pictures in replay mode and it’s my first time doing so let me know what you think of my pictures:)



I love dat cockpit view and tha rest a good too keep it up😁


Yay! You flew to CLT! But 440 knots is waaaay to fast for an A318. But sunset pictures are always good.


Replay didn’t give off a proper IAS I believe it’s called, never went above 300 kts IAS:)

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Makes sense. 😃

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Pretty awesome, especially for your first time taking screenshots on Replay mode!

I have a little suggestion for the next time you shoot: consider making the aircraft slightly more obvious/large in the exterior photos (except ones like #4 and #5) so it’s the subject (first/main object) of the photo. Even if you want really nice backgrounds, try to make the plane a bit larger in the photo where possible (for example, if you wanted, you could try this next time with photos similar to the last two pictures).

But I’m probably nitpicking too much. Feel free to take it into consideration; your photos already look great! Keep up the good work! :)


Awesome pics 👍🏽😆

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Okay thanks for the feedback:) Noted:))👍

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