A318 - Steep Approach Spoilers

A318 - Steep Approach Spoilers


The British Airways Airbus A318 has additional spoilers on each wing to assist with its steep approach into EGLC.

In the overhead panel of the A318’s cockpit, Airbus has fitted a simple ‘steep approach switch’ in the slot reserved for the ‘N1 mode’ thrust-control switch on International Aero Engines V2500-powered A320s. The slot is free because the V2500 is not an option on A318s.

Arming the switch will place the A318 into steep-approach mode as the approach spoiler is deployed, as long as the flaps are fully extended and the landing-gear down, raising the outboard spoilers, numbers 3 and 4, to 30°.

I stress these are different to the ‘flight spoilers’ - I feel that this would be a fantastic addition to the A318 model to assist us with that famously tricky London City approach!

This fantastic video offers a bit more clarity around how the approach spoiler is used:

A short guide on how to perform that steep EGLC approach using the current in-game flight spoilers:


Photo: Fabian Schütz @fabian_schuetz

Very cool and Interesting! Wish I had more votes though.


Hi there! The video doesn’t work. Any way I can get around it i.e search the name on YouTube?


Unfortunately, I am out fo votes. However, I really enjoyed reading this and watching the video. You learn new things every day! Thanks @LouDon!

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Interesting feature… thank you for providing us with all this information!


Wow, how was this not added in the first place. It would be great to have!

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Embraer offers this on the E-190 also for EGLC. None of the ones I flew had it but I’m sure it helps! On the E-Jet family you can’t use the spoilers beyond flaps 1 and that thing does not like to slow down!


let’s go for it !!! yes !

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if you just search into youtube “British Airways A318 steep approach london city” there should be a video done by the british airways channel. funnily enough i had just watched it now, then opened this thread :)

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What an idea! I would love to see this.

This Feature would be on IF to make it more realistic, wish I could vote for this awesome feature but I’m out of votes.

Are you sure it physically has additional spoilers? I thought it was a change to the flight logic software, and a couple of switches.

Anyway it would be nice to see this implemented somehow, I usually just fly with the spoilers fully deployed and it really does help keep the speed down.