A318 rudder issues

I was landing at vabb and there was 6 knot wind. After I touched down, the plane start going off the runway and even on applying full rudder, I could not change the direction of the plane(not even slightly) and bring it on the run way.

If you have a crosswind on approach and landing, I suggest crabbing into the wind so that your nose will be straight down the runway when you land so you wont have to use all the right rudder. Having the correct, landing crab and flare is important to a great approach and landing

Thanks for the advice. Will try it next time

no problem at all. i hope it helps

A few things:

  • Were you fully calibrated?
  • Did your aircraft land unevenly (left wheel touching down long before the right or vise versa)
  • Are you auto-coordinating the ailerons and rudder on the ground?

Also, @schyllberg why was this moved to General?

Because it’s not a technical issue with the app :)


I caliberated before landing
The landing was even
I need to check the auto coordination setting

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Alright check that. And oh alright, I thought it was a technical issue, sorry. :)

The auto coordination was on

Try turning that off :)

I will try landing with that off. Thanks

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Something that has affected me is trying to turn when only the main gear is on the ground, and the nose wheel isn’t. The rudder is doing all the work, and sometimes it can’t beat the crosswind.

If you’re not turning, push forward on your device until you’re sure the nose is on the ground, then apply rudder.


Thanks for the help.


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