A318 or A319? Can't make a decision :/

Make my decision for me please :)

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If you like flying private liveries and island hopping in the Caribbean, the A318 is your aircraft.

For more of a passenger aircraft feel and more big airline liveries, go for the A319.

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Neither. Get the 737-800


Thank you, I enjoy flying on the southern Californian region to/from airports like KNUC and KAVX (islands). What plane would suit me more (liveries what planes actually fly in the region).

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Got it :D and yes it is a very good plane

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This topic below may be able to help you with your decision.

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What do you think would suit my style of flights?

Probably the A319.

The A319 has lots of operators that fly in the SoCal region, but the A318 is a better size for an airport like Catalina.

I don’t like the cockpit, i really wish they redid it but same dude i love the 737 but i can never fly in cockpit view.

Yeah for a popular plane that it is, it really deserves a better cockpit :/

The A319 …

The A319 by far