A318 Missing Ship Code

Feel free to move this to a different category.This is a bit of a small detail, but thought I would point it out. On the Airbus A318, it’s front has the last 3 letters of its registration. On the IF model, it doesn’t. Just thought I would point that out, if you do end up reworking the A320 Family. (Even though it’s relatively new) Here is the real A318:

While this is IF’s:


Good point! This is a small fix though😁

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Even with my great vision, there’s no way I would’ve ever spotted that. Nice find!

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What you see there on the front is the ship number or code. That is a thing that BA does, it is not a requirement to have the full registration on the front of the aircraft as pictured. For a lot of carriers outside the USA they just use letters since that corresponds to the registration, as pictured G-UNB (or whatever it is) is ship UNB for BA. Carriers in the US use numbers, e.g. N859DN for Delta is 3859 (859 in the registration).

As far as the ship code not being on IF, I understand your point but it isn’t anything that will make a difference to be honest. As I said, the letters on top are just a ship code and not the full registration.


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