A318 landing in London City!

A318 flying into a foggy London City! It wasn’t a pretty landing, but I’m enjoying recording with AirServer. There are lots of great tutorials to come in 2016!


Tyler, I love that Airbus A318. It’s my Baby Girl. Everywhere I go, she goes with me. It has so much realism with the London City-JFK flight. I’m so proud to own one.

PS: For realism, set the passengers to 32 or under, because that’s the maximum passengers the BA A318 can handle! ;)


I totally agree! I wasn’t super pumped about this latest series (I’m a prop guy), but the A318 is just amazing. I LOVE flying it! :)

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I’m actually a heavy guy, I like the A340’s etc. I wasn’t expecting an A318, and I love the A318, Because of the size of it. It’s so miniature, I was so stoked when it came out. I love it now! I’m so tempted to forget about the 737’s and replace them with the A320 family. But that would be unfair, can’t wait for more videos. Keep up the great work mate! :)

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Maybe one day my rudder work will be like that. 😂 Nice!

That was actually a pretty good landing. I actually thought it gobba be a hard one for how fast you came down but it turned be a smooth landing and smooth for the passengers ;)

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“Glide slope , glide slope” ;) cool movie man! What is this air server thing you are talking about?

AirServer mirrors your iDevice’s screen to your PC/Mac. You can record what’s displayed/see multiple devices, etc


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Can you tell me then how to see the GS, LOC ? He uses what he wants