A318 in Lepoardy


These are some shots I took with @MJP_27 and @USA_ATC above Europe!

I hope you like them!

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The tomcat stealthily approaches the babybus

As the sun slowly rises, he stalks his prey and slowly approaches the flying slab of meat

He then runs up and takes a big CHOMP out of the winglet

The fat cat then falls back to its base, it will eat yet another vulnerable aircraft tomorrow.

Just two baby Cubs enjoying nature :>

Have a great day! Please remember to ask for consent before eating people’s winglets!




Nice photos! Love the XCub ones!

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Amazing photos bro! ❤️

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The prey is damaged. However, it manages to stay in the air and continue its flight high in the sky.

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Not if it’s Air France 😌

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Nice photos Robertine glad I got to fly with you!

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Thanks! It was very fun indeed!