A318 Formation

Hey There Everyone!

Welcome back to another photo compilation!
In today’s compilation, i’ll be showing you some shots I got from doing a formation with a friend!
The aircraft we used was the IF A318 departing from KSLC (the scenery there is beautiful, go check it out!)
So without further ado, here are the shots!

I hope you enjoyed these shots, and if you did, make sure to stay tuned for more!

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Oh wow. Nicely done, those pictures are fantastic! Great work!


Pictures 1 & 4 look fantastic! Keep it up

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That formation looks amazing, especially with that livery!

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Great flying skills, I would’nt dare! And great pictures as well!

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That second picture looks so 🔥

Nice pictures!

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These are amazing, the second one is epic.
Formation flights are always awesome, you’ve successfully done what few have done, fly formation in airliners.


Thank you everybody!

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