A318 Callsign (G-MISH)

A little bit of confusion. I just went on live at PHKO with an A318-100. I was flying the ACJ Livery 5 with a tail number of G-MISH. I set this as my callsign and was instructed by ground to change it or I will be ghosted. It is an infinite flight illustrated tail number and ATC wants to ghost me for it.

Hey. I was the controller and will message you. Another aircraft that was inbound had that callsign who ended up changing it. It wasn’t really about the callsign but how there was 2 aircraft with the same one. I was just saving the confusion.

I would’ve let you keep it if they weren’t there. You left before I could say to disregard. Of course, you were in no danger of being ghosted as I can’t control the ghosting part of the message.

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I see, sorry to make a fuss about it. I was just curious. Thank you.

Absolutely fine. Apologies again.

No problem what’s so ever. Thank you for the quick response. -Nate

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