A318-A321 Aircraft Choice

Which aircraft will you fly the first/most when the update comes out?

  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321

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As far as I know these will all be in the next update but the reworked A321 and new A319 have not been confirmed. Ok to answer the poll. I will fly the A318 in BA livery from London City first and the American A320 the most! Really excited for the update and great job FDS!


All. I will purchase and fly then all.

I have a feeling that the A318 will be free and the A319 and A320 will be paid.

Seems reasonable. A319 will very likely be paid. A318 free with 20 purchases.

Not sure what to make of A320 and A321 though. A320 could be paid since it is a new model (A321 is the old model). However, A320 is likely to be the most popular so perhaps IF would make that variant free?

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A321 will be free because it was free before. Yes I think that because the A320 will be so popular it will be paid. Seems like the logical thing to do to increase profit.

I’m just hoping the A319 comes out


A318/A321. I hate A320 for some reasons

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How high are the chances of a “remastered” A321?

Very high. They did it with the 747-400 and 737-800 so it is likely that a remade A321 is happening. Matt also confirmed the USAir A321 IIRC also.


Hopefully they will also include the New American livery on the A321 along with US Air.

And unfortunately still no teaser to the A319 series… Although to be fair, with the exception of VC-25, we did not receive any teasers for the 747-200 (if I’m not mistaken).

Personally, the A318 is the only one of the Airbus A320 family that I show some love to… maybe because its too under-appreciated or so…

Never were any 747-200 teasers. Huge, pleasant surprise for me at least.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. No A319 teasers also = more surprise liveries I suppose. I am guessing Frontier might be one of them, because earlier Matt did say, upon teasing us with a livery resembling Frontier from a distance, saying that it was not an A320…

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Albeit the 737-700 became free instead of the 737-800.

Probably because the model highly resembled the 737-700 in the first place (see image. Has only one pair of over-wing exits).


One thing, Frontier was the launch customer and operated A318’s if I remember correctly, but I think they were phased out in 2013.

I will defo fly the A321.

I doubt the A320 will be free.

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The A320 is sooo standard. I rather fly the baby bus A318/319 or the beast A321 :D


I somehow think the A320 will be paid and so will be the A318, but I believe the A318 will have a lower price (like the ERJ Jets) because there are simply not as many liveries (Avianca, AirFrance, British, Tarom and Generic). My theory…
If the A319 and the A321 came out as well, the A321 can maybe be updated for free since users are probably not willing to suddenly pay something for a freeware jet. The A319 would be almost definitely be payware, but I highly doubt the devs are releasing so many jets at once. It would be like firing all of your ammunition at once, there should be something left for future updates ;)

Left for future updates? Seriously, you don’t see any of the holes in this app? It still looks like a developers part time job in some regards even though they probably make triple my salary a year off it.