A318-19-20-21 issues

Hey the recent days after we got the new cockpit in the a320 family I have had a really hard time flying it especially on takeoff and landing it wasn’t like this before now it do some wired stuff where on take off it’s banking to the left so I ditch my wing into the ground. And on landing the plane goes up and down like an boat on waves it’s really frustrating hopefully you guys understand what I meant

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Have a look at this tutorial: The A3XX Cockpit: Explained

Regarding all the ‘weird stuff’, I’m not to sure why you’re experiencing them.

About the takeoff problem: be sure to use the rudder correctly to avoid swerving to the side. This might be cause by winds.
About the other ‘weird things’. Are you using autoland? If you are make sure to Calibrate before disabling it. Check out this tutorial for more:

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If you’re referring to APPR, I can confirm I’ve experienced to serious bobbing at low speeds when engaged. Manually landing shouldn’t be an issue though.

Also we will see these issues in 22-23-24-25

I’ve been experiencing a little wave motion myself with the autopilot but everything else has been fine

On crosswind you’re plane is not push aside in the wind direction. But it is pushed toward in the wind. Because around 80 kts the wind starts to push the tail so the nose goes into the wind.
So you have to compensate with rudder.
But at liftoff the plane is pushed in the wind in same you’re compensating in the same direction. So you have to release the rudder smoothly at liftoff and use the yoke.

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