A318/19/20/21 Flight Deck

I’m really sorry if this topic was already addressed on here but I’m not sure if it was so I’m gonna ask about it now: are there any plans to realign the flight deck view on these aircraft since it kind of “faces down”?

The devs will make it known if/when it happens.

So far the A321 is the only one with this view.

It will probably be fixed in the future.

It’s a known issue and will be fixed in a future update, not to worry! :)

It’s more than the A321. It’s all of them except the A321.

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We hope your issue is resolved, as several people don’t like the new view. I prefer it, as it gives you the perspective you need to fly without the HUD.

There’s no plans in “realigning” in that manner.

The HUD is not supposed to be used with the instruments. Simple as that :)
You see the same pointing down as on the Xcub and on the A-10.

The plans are to make it so they all have the instruments fully visible. That means that the A321 is the one who’s faulty right now.


Don’t take it awayyyyy

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I’m pretty sure that you can vote for the old view to come back here:

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