A220s in Action @ EIDW

Alright so I caught 3 A220s at the Terminal 1 Gates while I was working at Dublin. 1 being Air France to Paris and 2 being Swiss from both Zurich and Geneva with two different variants.

I hope you guys enjoy these planes making their moves around the tarmac.
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Disgusting. 🤢🤮

Absolutely stunning pictures of a stunning bird 🤩


i absolutely love this plane

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The A220 isn’t that bad I actually kind of like it

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Nice! its one of my favorite planes

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Good luck trying to convince him of that lol

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I was on the mound u shoulda looked over

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I was like you when I first saw the A220 in pictures. I mean it’s not everyone’s favourite. It’s fine

it’s pretty comfortable honestly


Good to know, I have not had the chance to fly them because they are not greatly used in Asia, but will be sure to keep that in mind when booking Europe and US trips in the future. Always nice to find little reviews dotted around the IFC!