A220 - underrated plane series!

there are a lot of planes in infinite flight! Unfortunately that means there are a few planes that dont get used as often as they deserve, one of these is the relatively new A220! Unfortunately i do not see it getting used very often, even though it’s a beautiful plane and is a beauty to fly.

The west coast was pretty busy tonight so i took it for a short hop south from Seattle to the Bay Area with Delta!

Aircraft: Airbus A220 - Delta
Cruise: FL325 - M.80
Flight-time: 1:36
Route: KSEA - KSFO

Parked at KSEA, waiting for pushback

Engine startup

Takeoff from Runway 18L!

Climbing to cruise with mount rainier in the background

Not far south from Seattle, Portland!

Already descending into SFO

I think most of us miss the beauty in the background…

A very turbulent and floaty landing, but at least it was smooth!

A great shot to end a flight!



Beautiful shots! I was the controller at SEA, it became very busy haha
Have some cookies as well for including SFO in the topic 🍪🍪🍪


I remember when most of the aviation enthusiast population hated the design of the BCS aircraft, but now it’s grown on a lot of people… however the -100 can go to the scrapyard i still hate it


i’m in Portland right now and where i am staying is in the bottom of picture 5


Thanks for controlling!

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As others have said, nice shots. One thing: M0.80 is a little fast. The cruise speed is M0.78 like on the 737, A320, etc.

me who does .87 in the 737, not .86, but yes .87

I thought 0.82 was the limit except for extreme emergencies…

edit: spelling.

I agree there are a lot of aircraft to be distracted by. I was coincidentally just admiring this aircraft again in the last couple days.

I like your 1st and 5th shots the best. The 1st because it highlights what looks like imposing engine power hanging off this smaller aircraft. The 2nd for the feeling of height - the comparative scale of the various terrain features and clarity make it look like a long way down!


Kinda reminds me of my underrated liveries series that I may or may not have given up on over a year ago. Nice photos though anyways!

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Someone would not be a happy camper in this topic

That person is @AvioesEJogos


@AvioesEJogos can relate.

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I told you all that thing is pure flying garbage… what else did you expect?

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The usage of adding 500ft to altitude is a VFR or Visual Flight Rules scenario. Under IFR it’s usually in 1,000ft increments. Anything from 360°-179° is flown in odd flight levels (FL310,FL330,etc) and anything from 180° to 359° is flown in even.

Send me the link to that post. 😈

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Exactly. 😈

I have to say that the A220 is one beauty that is underrated. I love this plane and I hope that I see it being used more often

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