A220 too slow?


with Cseries flying at .82 when even the 320 can go .85 on average, does this mean the former is too slow? why is that the case?


A normal cruising speed for the A320 is about M0.76-0.78 tbh.


As @CaptainSooraj above already mentioned. Here some more details



All those informations you can get for every Aircraft on the website:


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thanks both, so the normal cruise speed is < .80 for both? would have thought one can go over that easily

In Infinite Flight, yes you can go over that easily. In real life, you’ll probably over-stress the airframe especially if the plane is loaded up, and you have turbulence.

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Unless you’re a real world A220 pilot and have more insight on the accuracies of this aircraft, I’d respectfully leave the performance specificities to Infinite Flight and the folks they work with to ensure it’s true accuracies. It doesn’t help to say, they can go .85 when they can’t. Thanks!