A220 Takeoff & Landing Profiles Guide

The V1 speed depends on two many factors to be given as a single value.

It depends on (but not restricted to):

  • Runway Surface (wet, dry, icy)
  • Mass
  • Balance
  • Altitude

What you can do is when using simbrief (a highly detailed flight planning website/app) is using the JBU template and you will find the V-Speeds.

Hopefully I guided you and gave you an acceptable answer, which applies to ALL aircraft, not only the A220.

You can use this but Simbrief will be more precise
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Does anyone else feel like the engine power of the BSC3 in IF is really odd? I takeoff with a recommended thrust setting and reach rotation speed within seconds (this is an exaggeration but TO distance really is far to short) and then cannot climb at more than 1600ft/min without being able to hold a healthy climb speed. Interested to hear what other people have experienced