A220 flaps number / separation between 2 flaps / right wing ≠ left wing

Hello, no I’m not asking for the grey lines which are missing here , I wondered something else about the flaps :


I don’t know if it was made on purpose and some people recommended me to do a support topic so yeah

If someone answered to this in the 21.8 release topic, sorry I probably didn’t see it nor in the support category


Another thing which was special : this 3rd flap (because of the separating line) isn’t shown as much in right side but only in left side [in the wing view/cabin].

Without zoom in the right side we don’t really see the separating line so it’s not a problem it was as if there were 2 flaps and not 3, however the left side , you can see the 3 flaps because of the line… it doesn’t need to zoom at all, it’s here.


As you can see , the line is still here (left) , in the cabin/wing view it’s not about angle at all


I just wondered if these 3 flaps were made on purpose or will be corrected as well as the grey missing lines ?

There are 2 only.

Flaps were extended at gate for testing, I noticed that problem when I was on approach


That’s indeed quite an important detail… Don’t think it’s getting fixed though :(

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Ok I updated the message , it’s mainly the second thing which I find interesting and important… TO SUM UP:

So if the 3 flaps can’t be solved into 2, at least it would be cool if the line in the left side wasn’t showing that much and get corrected so it could be as in the right side and we wouldn’t even notice that there are 3 flaps (in the wing view/cabin only)

=> If there’s a separating line , we can clearly see the 3rd flap (left side and no zoom needed). If the line isn’t showing, we don’t really see it (right side) (unless we zoom it)

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