A220 Family

The A220…
A Versatile, Sleek aircraft.
A mix of the A350 and the A320.

Would you want to fly a plane that sounds soooo futuristic?? I would.

The A220 formally known as the Bombardier CS series. The aircraft was so good Boeing bought it out and re-branded it the A220. Pretty cool, Right?

If you don’t know what the A220 looks like well it’s right here!



WOW that looks cool!

Here are some facts about the A220.

The Airbus A220, previously known as Bombardier CSeries, is a family of narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliners originally designed and built by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace, now marketed by Airbus and built by Airbus Canada Limited Partnership

Source: Wikipedia

So what do you think?

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