A220 confirmed?

On Youtube Infinite Flight posted recap video, where showed what they brought new to the simulator. But also whats coming up. When looking through the last seconds of the video saw something in the distance. I thought it was a callsign of some other community member. When zooming in I saw written in very bad detail “Airbus A220 assembly”. At first I thought it’s says “A330” assembly. But looking again it is definitely a 2 as the first number. Does it mean we are getting A220 in the future? Or it will come like a surprise with A330. Like one time when Cessna and A350 came at the same update.
If somebody doesn’t believe me it’s on 1:57 of the Youtube video. Taking the screenshot of the video and zooming in on the image it can be seen.

I looked at the calendar and December 33rd is closer than December 22nd, so that probably means it is A330. Seriously though, we never know what we’ll get unless we are told to by the devs (or the leak it in their instastories), so keep an eye on the social media, because it is pretty clear the demand for narrow-body aircraft is here

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Hi, the A220 is not confirmed. In fact it says A330, see below:
I can see where the confusion is!


It’s the A330 assembly ;)