A220 beacon light can be seen through fuselage

The beacon light of A220 can be seen flashing in the cabin. Problem not found in other aircraft like A330.

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I also noticed this, I believe that’s just how the renders are since the lights work is IF since they’re not dynamic but rather sort of a 2D image.

But this problem doesn’t exist on other reworked aircraft, B77W, A333, etc., that’s why I doubt it’s aircraft-related🤔

This is known and is also an issue in the CRJs. Why? I don’t know, but it’s probably a similar reason and can’t be fixed for now would be my guess

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This is because the fuselage between the cabin and the actual part of the beacon is separated on heavy aircraft, planes like the 737/CRJ/A220 have fuselages that the beacon light sits right on top of. (Hard for me to explain)

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Thanks for the report!