(A220) Aircaft Performance Database (How fast should you Fly?)

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Please see attached a good resource to assist pilots with their aircraft of choice and it’s limits re: Vertical Climb and appropriate speed etc.

Aircraft Performance Database (eurocontrol.int)


Wow, BOOKMARKED! Thank you!

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This is a life saver, especially when I can’t find cruise speeds for aircraft! Thanks!

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Many thanks my guy

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You’re welcome

Noice resource with plenty of data, but I’d like to add something

Either I didn’t notice it or that site doesn’t include a table or anything that compares different weights and flap settings.

The specific airspeeds (especially on final approach and takeoff) will vary depending on your weight and flap setting.

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Forgive me as I’m not a real world pilot. But I don’t recall ever seeing such a table or comparison.

As they’re so many other variables to be considered.

Flaps are adjusted by speed to increase drag/maintain lift especially at slower speeds.

So I think they’ve published typical speeds as what you’re asking about seems extensive to me.

Then there’s other considerations like AOA, power to weight, wind, different types of airspeed that change with weight and relative stall speeds.

I imagine that we can both be flying at the same speed and flaps with different configurations.

You’ll need more power to fly heavier but you’ll be at the same speed as someone who’s lighter and using less power. Maybe you’ll be using a different pitch etc to stay afloat.

I think I’ll just leave this to the experts as this will probably keep me up all night trying to think through the physics.

Thank you so much for this! It’s very useful!

I’m working on tutorials for every aircraft in infinite flight, this helps a ton! Thank you!

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You’re welcome… that’s awesome


Just a bump for the F1 aircraft out there

Usefull info, Thanks

Brilliant, thanks so much :)

Awesome source !! Thank you

(How fast should you Fly?)

I payed for the whole airspeed indicator, I’m going to use the whole airspeed indicator.

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