A220-300 Wing Flex Question

Hello everyone! I had a question and was wondering if the A220-300 doesn’t have wing flex in real life or its just isn’t in Infinite Flight. Please let me know, thank you!

The A220 does come with wing flex in the app, but to explain why you may not be seeing it distinctly: Laura said on a stream that the aircraft has much less noticeable wing flex than certain other planes have. I’ll try to find the timestamp of the conversation where she explained it to much better detail.

EDIT: See 1:11:30 in the FNF A220 Showcase.


I kept questioning this until yesterday. At first I was really disappointed because I thought it didn’t have wingflex, until I noticed the wings flexing a little bit on a windy departure, it’s there, just barely noticeable.

I do hope they make them a little bit more flexible though.

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