A220-300 Profile

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone had the A220-300 profile which includes, trim for takeoff and landing, cruise speed, and takeoff power for different weights. This way I can add it to my spreadsheet so I’m ready to fly the A220 when it is here!


Dan used +30 trim both takeoff and landing


No one has made one public yet but be sure for the release to look out for @DeerCrusher s profile topics. I’m unsure if he has one in the making for the A220 but he typically has made most unofficial profiles for aircraft in the past. Even try Google and see what you can find. If you put in a little work the reward is all the better


Found this after typing a220 flap speeds:

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Topic is complete and one of the best one yet to date imo. Keep an eye out on release day as it’ll drop shortly thereafter. 😉


For a Aircraft I am not familiar with I usually check the Eurocontrol Performance Database.
It gives you typical speeds and climb/descend rates for all phases of flight. If you stick to them you can select the flaps by monitoring the angle of attack: AoA increases = more flaps, AoA decrees = less flaps.
In addition most of the newer models in IF have the max flap speed list somewhere in the cockpit.

A220 at Eurocontrol database:

While it is hard to find a POH or FCOM for the A220 a look in the Airport Planing Guide brings you a landing speed chart:

A220-300 Airport Planning Guide


That link you have is for a CRJ700.

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Thanks, have corrected that

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What page in this document. Don’t see it .

Why do they use trim? I can’t really understand

Hi, @11122 welcome here,

There are two tutorials about trim in the Community Tutorials section:


May be they help you understand.

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