A220-300 maximum range

What’s the absolute furthest the Airbus a200-300 could fly in Infinite Flight (virtually no PAX and cargo)? Either flight time or nautical miles/km. Have you guys tried to stretch its limits to the max? I’d like to do a charter or private flight in the A220 and make it as long as possible.

EVRA-VIDP was about near the max for it. Did it a while back.

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9 hours 24 minutes according to my calculations


I don’t know about time, but the longest distance I managed to fly in the A220 (with fuel to spare) was around 8600km, or 4660nm. This only worked because I had a tailwind of over 100kts for almost the entire flight.


This might help Your Ultimate Guide to Infinite Flight Fuel Burn + Fuel Calculator [40 AIRCRAFT]


It’s all based on time (available fuel/fuel consumption/ground speed). The distance traveled is variable. 8:50 is about the max en-route time with the right profile.

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See attached link below which could assist you at determining fuel burn and your specific range.



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