A220-300 Climb and Descent Profile

Hey IFC! I was wondering what is a realistic climb and decent profile for the A220-300? I took a look on DC’s guide and I couldn’t find that information. I was figuring that a good climb profile would be 250/290/75 but I am not sure how realistic that is, and I am clueless on the decent one. Can you guys help me?

Hey there check out this link for the performance chart.

Edit: Aircraft Performance Database > BCS3

Shared the BCS1 by mistake.

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Thank you! It says to climb at M0.76 above FL280. On the guide DC made it says M0.75. Do you think I should do M0.75 or M0.76?

Personally I do M0.76

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Also it doesn’t give me a speed for after I under FL280. It says 250kts for 10k feet but nothing for in between. What do you think I should do there?

I can find another chart here, hang tight.

Ok, thank you so much!

Actually you know what you can follow that approach decent rate and speed of 210IAS on the table. Ill drop an infinite flight tutorial for the BCS3 to help you better understand the aircraft as a whole.

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Alright, thanks for the help as I really appreciate it!

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No problem!

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