A220-300 boston to new york

aircraft : a220-300
livery : JetBlue
route : kbos - kjfk
callsign : JetBlue 6618
cruise : FL220
server : expert

park at the gate to get started

pushback next to a220 he was @The_Real_Plane_Spott

taxiing to runway 27

taking off runway 27

cruising at FL220

approach into jfk

landing at jfk

vacate runway and taxiing to parking

a boeing 787-9 dreamliner saudia airlines takeoff behind me

park next to a321 JetBlue


Great shots! Especially this one🔥🔥

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Greats shot there🤩

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That shot tho >>>>>

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First of all Go Yankees! Second of all great pics KBOS-KJFK is always a fun route to do

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Awesome pictures.

side note

eww, go Red Sox!


ew, go Cardinals!

Great shots! Can’t wait to see more.