A10 with interacive bullets/missiles firing and also other military aircraft

This would be a great idea, having the A-10 to have buttons which we can fire missiles on it, and also this would be good on the fa18, f22,c130 etc… It will add some more realism to infinite flight and we can practice firing rounds onto the ground!

I personally disagree with this. This is a flight simulator, not a war simulator, fight simulator or anything in between. We’re just here for the flight.

Not to mention, the staff’s stance on this is very clear.


the idea is, we would be able to play around and not damage aircraft

Question: How would you feel if some rogue nutjob was point blank firing missiles at you just to mess with you?


but it wouldnt damage the aircraft tho, like how we can go through the 3D buildings

May not damage them, but it’s bound to be infuriating regardless of the literal harm it can or can’t cause.


there could be settings where people could see the missiles or not see them

Nope, no active weapons. We’re pushing it by even modeling them :)